The revolution in Retail is often discussed. What will be “tomorrow” and what should retailers make now to be prepared? What does Omnichanel really means for the consumers?

On our breakfast meeting in Stockolm with NewStore and Stephane Schambach he brought up a some important points:

 – “Traditional retailers are facing challenges with their stores (cost, frequency etc), former online Pure Players are starting to open Stores….. So some may ask “why”, if it is so “hard/ expensive” to run Stores….?. Because they see stores different. They are part of an “overall Formula where CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs), CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) are playing major roles”

– “The Role of the Store Associate, so far very offen considered a necessary “cost” asset, will “move up”/change to be a “VALUE Asset , a  true “trusted advisor/Brand Ambassador that can sell “not only In the Store” but even “after hours … virtually everywhere!”

I would add that the first retailers must manage is to make the “basic rules and processes” to work AND then use technology and talented people, with new tools, to reach “the new consumers as they want”. If “the basic rules of retail” is not fully implemented it will be very difficult to move forward.

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